How to Paint Etched Glass

Lead Image
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-20
What You'll Need
Glass cleaner spray
Rubbing alcohol
Stained glass paint
Artist's brushes
Painter's tape or masking tape

Now that you have created an etched glass design on your glassware, it's time to add some color to your design. Painting etched glass is quite easy to do and can be a fun project to do on a rainy day at home.


First, place your etched glassware face down. You want the etched side down as you will be actually painting the backside (clear side) of the glassware.

Cleaning the Glass

Use the spray cleaner to clean the smooth side of the glass, where you will be doing your painting. Use the rubbing alcohol to remove any fingerprints if need be.

Apply masking tape to the surrounding area. Do this for each color you will use. On some items such as small-necked vases, you may not be able to access the inside in order to use the masking tape. This is okay.

Painting Your Glass

Using your artist's brushes, paint the smooth side of the glass with stained glass paint, behind the etched surface. Don't worry, the colors will be brilliant when dry. Let each coat dry for several hours. Wipe away any excess paint with your rubbing alcohol.

Painting etched glassware is not something that is hard to do. Even if you are new to painting, you can make beautiful colors and designs on your etched glassware.