How To Paint Faux Brick: 7 Tips

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What You'll Need
Cream or grey color latex satin paint (base coat)
Faux glaze (one or two similar colors depending on desired look)
Cellulose sponge, rectangular and roughly the size you want the brick to be.
Nap roll cover - 3/8 inch
1-inch brush
2-inch angled brush
Cotton rags (lint free)
Painters tape

With the right tools and direction, you can learn how to paint faux brick walls and murals in no time.

Steps to Painting and Faux Technique

Tape off windows, doors, etc. and cut in the basecoat color.

Use your 3/8-inch roller to roll the basecoat onto the wall in even strokes.

Lay out your glaze paint tray(s). Apply the glaze onto the sponge with the 1-inch brush. If using more than one color, randomly put the color on.

Start at a top corner and stamp your sponge onto the wall. Add some light pressure. Adding too much pressure will cause the paint to run down the wall and take away from the textured look.

Keep going by staggering the bricks and leaving an inch or so in between each brick. You may even want to use a stencil that can be bought in home improvement stores, but it is not necessary.

When you are done with all the full-size bricks, cut the sponge so it can be used up against wall corners, etc. Remove tape after the paint dries.