How to Paint Foam Crown Molding

What You'll Need
Foam crown molding
Paint, preferably latex
Brushes (or roller brushes with an extended handle for painting near walls and ceilings)
Paint tray
Paint brush cleaner
Painter's tape
Drop cloths

Painted foam crown molding can be a relatively affordable and effective way to enhance the look of your walls and ceilings whether you're looking to brighten a room or add sophisticated accents. Below are some tips on the tools, materials and steps you need to complete this colorful redecorating project.

Step 1 - Prepare Paint Workstation

Begin by selecting the paint color of your choice—latex paint tends to work best for this project. Foam crown molding is ready to paint and does not require any primer applications. Select a clean, medium-sized brush to paint pre-installed molding, or use a roller brush for material that is already in place. Cover your work area, such as the floor and walls with canvas, vinyl or plastic sheeting.

TIP: Ed Kimble, our painting expert, suggests: "Never use newspaper for drop cloths, use either plastic sheeting or canvas drop cloths."

Step 2 - Paint Foam Crown Molding

It's easier to paint foam crown molding prior to installing it. In this case, lay sections of the material on the newspaper, face side up. Paint with 1 or 2 coats, and then allow to dry before installing.For pre-installed molding, coat a roller brush with paint that is poured into a paint tray.

Next, use the roller brush to apply the paint to the installed foam crown molding. Finish by cleaning the brushes with paint cleaning product.