How to Paint Galvanized Gutters

What You'll Need
Large cloths
Cleaning agent (water-based)
Latex based primer
Latex based paint
Clear coat paint
Extension ladder

Galvanized gutters need to be prepared and painted in the correct way to stop them from peeling or deteriorating over time. If rust forms, the gutters will soon become weak and liable to break. There are many effective ways to increase the life span of galvanized gutters. Painting galvanized gutters is not a time-consuming project and is very easy to complete.

Step 1 - Clean

The first step in preparing galvanized gutters for painting is to clean them thoroughly. Use the extension ladder to gain access to the gutter which needs to be painted. Use a large cloth and sponge and apply a copious amount of water-based cleaning agent. Rub the gutter with a firm amount of pressure to remove oil specks and other substances which could make painting tricky. Allow the galvanized gutters to dry and do the same thing with a little vinegar. The acids in the vinegar will etch the metal in preparation for painting.

Step 2 - Sand

On older galvanized gutters, the surface coating may have started to break down and form a chalky appearance. This has to be removed. Use a large piece of sandpaper and sand down the entire length of the gutter. This will remove the chalky residue and create a smooth surface for painting. Use a gentle amount of pressure as you sand but increase slightly for any stubborn areas. It is important to be careful because the structure of the metal may have been greatly weakened and excess pressure could see fittings break, leading to slips or falls from a position of height.

Step 3 - Prime

The next step is to prime the galvanized gutters prior to the top coat of paint. Use a latex-based primer. Apply the primer over all areas of the gutter with a large paintbrush. You do not have to worry too much about neatness as hardly anyone is ever going to see your handy work. Allow the first coat of primer to dry and apply a second coat. Primer is used to help paint adhere to surfaces as well as forming a protective barrier between bare metal and the final coat of color. You will now have galvanized gutters which are ready for the paint layer.

Step 4 - Paint

Use some exterior latex-based paint to give your galvanized gutter a new lease of life. Use a clean, large paintbrush to evenly apply a first layer. Allow this a reasonable amount of time to dry and apply a second coat. You should now be left with painted galvanized gutters which will last much longer than they would have done if you left them untouched. The primer layer should prevent any water in the latex-based paint from seeping through to bare metal and causing rust to form.

Step 5 - Finish Off

Wait until the next day before applying a small layer of clear coat paint. Apply this with a paintbrush over the galvanized gutter. It will add an extra protective layer to the galvanized gutter and seal in all of the other layers. This is an additional step to prevent rust from forming and offers weather protection for the entire structure.