How to Paint Indoor Wooden Window Shutters

What You'll Need
Safety Goggles and Gloves
Vacuum Cleaner
Scrubbing Brush
Paint Stripper
Putty Knife
Soap and Water
Oil Primer (for wooden shutters)

Wooden window shutters can add beautiful character to an interior but they are subject to the same wear and tear as anything else in the home and must be repainted to stop them from looking shabby. Rather than hiring a professional you can follow these simple instructions to do it yourself.

Step 1: Remove the Shutters

Remove the shutters from the windows and take them to a sheltered, well ventilated area such as a patio or garage. Do not paint the shutters in direct sunlight as it can cause the paint to dry irregularly. Ensure that you place an old sheet underneath the work area to prevent dripping to the ground below.

Step 2: Remove the Old Paint

Use the putty knife to remove any flaking or peeling paint and then apply a light coating of paint stripper to the shutters. Check the instructions on the paint stripper before making your purchase as different materials (e.g., real wood or synthetic material) may react better to certain chemicals. After around half an hour you will be able to strip off the remaining old paint.

Step 3: Wash the Shutters

After all of the paint has been removed wash the shutters thoroughly. Synthetic shutters can be washed using a scrubbing brush with soap and hot water. Make sure that the soap is rinsed off thoroughly as any residue may prevent the new coat of paint from applying correctly. Water can seep into the grain of real wooden shutters causing them to warp so instead they should be cleaned with a soft brush vacuum attachment or a feather duster. Use a towel to dry the shutters or simply leave them to air dry.

Step 4: Choose a Paint

Different types of paint work better with certain materials so take your time when choosing a paint. For example, latex-based paints are effective for use on real wood but urethane resins bond better to vinyl. A spray paint can be useful to ensure that even layers are applied, but if one is not available, you can use a paint gun instead to obtain the same effect.

Step 5: Paint the Shutters

When painting wooden shutters you should apply a coat of oil primer in advance. Primer is not required for vinyl or plastic shutters but if you wish you can use a water-based primer on them. Before beginning to apply the paint ensure that you are out of strong winds and direct sunlight for optimum results and that the primer is completely dry. Use the paint gun (or spray paint) to apply two coats of paint in light, even layers to the shutters. Allow the paint to dry fully in between applications.

Step 6: Replace the Shutters

Once the final coat of paint has dried you can return the shutters to their original place and then relax and admire your good work.