How to Paint Iron Patio Benches

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What You'll Need
Hose with spray attachment
Warm water
Wire brush
Steel-wool pad
Two part metal primer
Epoxy pain
Paint brush
Air compressor
Spray gun

Atmosphere affects the surface of wrought iron patio benches as they are exposed to different varying conditions in outdoor use. The iron benches are extremely durable and heavy. Over a time, the paint on iron patio benches gets chipped and rusted. Painting the iron benches will help to restore their protection against rust, impart them graceful appearance and make them look new again. The surface is to be prepared before painting.

Painting of cast iron furniture is accomplished in a few simple steps. The iron is cleaned, scraped, primed and then painted and to give it a protective coating.

Step 1: Cleaning

Power wash the benches or use a water hose with spray attachment to remove dirt and mold from the surface of the cast iron benches to make them ready for scraping the paint. Wash again with warm water, detergent and bleach. This will clean the surface and kill any bacteria and mold. Ensure that you wash the benches both from the top and bottom. When the washing is over, dry the benches in sun.

Step 2: Scraping

Remove the existing paint and rust from the cast iron by scraping it down properly. Use a hard wire brush to rub off all rust spots from the benches. It is also possible to grind off the paint and rust with the help of an angular grinder to make the surface very clean and smooth. Remove all the old paint and the maximum amount of rust. When you have completed the scraping of your furniture, clean it with wire brush and then a hair brush to remove all loose flakes and dust. Blow out the dust and dirt with a blower

Step 3: Applying Metal Primer

Apply a coat of metal primer on the cleaned iron surface. Generally a two part spray primer is used for the iron furniture used outside. Always bear a mouth mask and goggles to protect you. Work in a well-ventilated area. Swing the spray gun to uniformly cover the surface on all sides of the iron at all portions of benches. Keep the benches for drying for about 3 to 4 hours before painting.

Step 4: Painting

Use good-quality two component epoxy paint for cast iron of your desired color. That will withstand the severe out door weather conditions for a long time. Spray it over the iron bench to cover all portions equally. Let it dry and again spray another coat of the paint. It is better to select a color shade that matches the environment.

Painting the cast iron furniture with sprayers is a faster process and gives better coverage, adherence, and finish. Always spray in a proper ventilated area.

Step 5: Smoothening the Surface

You can further coat them with a layer of polyurethane by sprayer to give your furniture extra protection as well as some smooth coverage.

    Apply a little metal polish wax to the surface and rub it gently with fine steel wool pad to make the surface smooth. Wipe the surface with clean cloth.

    You should maintain your iron benches by washing them frequently with water pressure and saying after that.