How to Paint Metal Doors to Look Like Wood

What You'll Need
Paint mask
Paint brushes

If you wish to paint metal doors to give it a wooden finish then all you need is a little creativity and a paint brush. Follow the instructions below to get the perfect wood finish.

Step 1 – The Look

The first step to paint metal doors is to ascertain the kind of look you want the end product to have. For the wood look, browse though magazines and try to narrow down on the kind of wood finish you would like.

Step 2 – Buying the Supplies

Head to the home décor store and browse through the various samples. Pick the paint.

Step 3 – Prep Work

Before you start to paint metal doors with a wood finish you need to do some prep work. Cover the handles with tape. If your door has any glass work it would be best to cover it with paper or plastic.

Step 4 – Covering the Floor

Also, make sure to cover the floor with plastic sheets. In case there are any fixtures at close proximity cover them as well.

Step 5 – Safety

Before you start applying the paint there are a few precautions you need to take. Make sure to wear gloves and cover your nose and mouth.

Step 6 – Sanding

The next step is to sand the metal door. Sanding will help create a rougher surface, which will add to the originality of the door.

Step 7 – Yellow Ocher

While you paint metal doors, it is important to give it a base coat of yellow ocher. It gives an original look to the wood paint. Use a brush to apply the yellow ocher evenly.

Step 8 – Painting

Proceed to paint metal doors by using the wood finish paint that you selected. Apply the paint and smooth the area by rolling with a paint brush.

Step 9 – Allow it to Dry

After applying the paint allow the surface to dry. Also make sure that the entire door has been coated with paint.

Step 10 – Glaze

Apply a glaze on the door after it has dried. Glaze helps make the applied paint more transparent, as it has a thinning property. It will give more depth to the wood finish.

Step 11 – Glaze Application

The next step in the process is to mix one part of paint with four parts of the glaze. Stir the mixture well and get another bucket with clean water. Also get hold of clean rags.

Step 12 – Final Step

The final step is to apply the glaze. First dip the rag in clean water and take another rag and dip it in the glaze mixture. Wipe the second rag on the door and then clean up the excess with the rag dipped in water. Step back and enjoy the look.