How to Paint on Mirror Tiles

What You'll Need
Mirror tiles
Black marker pen (fine tip)
Design pattern
Wire wool
Glass paint
Fine paint brush
Flexible paper

Painting on mirror tiles will not only add elegance and glamor to a room but it is also a creative, fun and cheap way of transforming plain mirror tiles and decorating a home in a unique way. As you can choose your own colors and even create your own designs, painting mirror tiles is a fantastic craft project for a DIY enthusiast who just wants to try something creative.

Step 1 - Choose a Design

This is one of the most fun aspects of painting designs on mirror tiles. You can choose a pattern from a craft book, a website or you can create your own. Choose a design that accentuates a theme in a room. For example, in a bathroom you could paint ducks or ships on your mirror tiles. Alternatively, you could go for something bold, unique and challenging.

Step 2 - Draw the Pattern

Once you have decided on a pattern, draw the design onto a piece of flexible paper. Hold the pattern up to the mirror tile to see if the look, size and shape of the pattern are all correct. Now is the time to make any necessary alterations to your design. It is easier to paint mirror tiles on a table so don't apply them to the wall if you are using new tiles. Fitting can take place once the design has been completed 

Step 3 - Transfer the Design to the Mirror Tiles

Once you are happy with your design, you can transfer the pattern to the mirror tiles. Ensure that each individual mirror tile is flat when working on it as this will make transferring the design easier and will help avoid any paint running when you reach the appropriate stage. Use a fine-tipped black marker pen to draw the lines of your design onto the mirror tiles. Leave the tiles for 15 minutes or so until the marker pen is completely dry, then go over the pattern again with the pen, trying to achieve an outline free from any streaks.

Step 4 - Paint the Mirror Tile

While this can be the most satisfying part of the whole painting mirror tiles process, it can also be painstakingly slow. Lightly rub over the surface to be painted with wire wool to promote adhesion.

Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to complete the painting and always read the instructions provided with the glass paint prior to use. Choose the first color you are going to paint on and take your time applying it the mirror tile with a fine paintbrush. Wait until the paint is completely dry and go over it with a second coat. This process can be repeated until you are happy with the finish. Pay careful attention and make sure your design does not have any streaks. Now, apply the rest of your color, remembering to finish one at a time to avoid the different colored paints running into each other.

Step 5 - Mount the Mirror Tiles to the Wall

Once the paint is completely dry, you can mount each mirror tile to the wall. Once they are fitted, you will have a greater sense of the effectiveness of painting mirror wall tiles and how they can transform a room.