How to Paint Roof Eaves

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What You'll Need
A bucket
Soapy water
Pressure washer
Access to water
Paintbrush and roller

The eaves on a roof are used for many different purposes. First, the eaves help to manage the rainwater system of the home. They are used in conjunction with the gutters and downspouts to channel the water away from the home. Second, the eaves help to allow the excess air to escape through the eaves from the attic. Without proper attic ventilation, the heat and humidity will accumulate and eventually filter into the living space. This will inevitably increase the cost of your electricity during the warm summer months. Another part of your home maintenance plan should include keeping your eaves in tip-top shape. Below you will find instructions on how to properly paint the roof eaves.

Step 1 - Clean the Eaves

Pull out a ladder that will touch the eaves. Find a spotter that can help you hold the ladder and climb the ladder in order to get to a point where you can properly touch the eaves. Take a bucket of warm soapy water and a dry cloth with you. Proceed to wash the eaves free of all dirt, grime, and grease. Once you have fully scrubbed the eaves, take a pressure washer or a hose and rinse completely. Make sure you take off all the dirt.

Step 2 - Allow to Dry

You need to allow the eaves enough time to dry. If you are working on a sunny, warm day then they may dry in an hour or so.

Step 3 - Pick a Paint

Pick an exterior paint that you can use on your eaves. If your eaves are constructed with metal, then you need to pick an exterior paint that will cover metal. If your eaves are wood, then pick an exterior paint that will adhere to wood and that is suitable for the exterior.

Step 4 - Sand

Sand any peeling or chipping paint. Use sandpaper that works with metal if you are sanding the chipped paint on the metal eaves. Use a sandpaper that is suitable for wood if chipping over your wood eaves.

Step 5 - Paint

Using a roller and a brush, carefully paint the eaves on your house. You may need to apply two coats depending on how well the eaves are covered by the coat of paint. Rolling and painting work better than spray paint. It will last longer and look much more professional. If paint gets on other parts of your home, make sure you remove the paint before it cures.

Step 6 - Seal

Add a sealer to the exterior of your eaves to extend the life of your paint job. Make sure that you apply an even coat of the sealer using a different paintbrush and roller. Wipe off any sealer that gets onto other parts of the house while you work to coat the eaves.