How to Paint Vinyl Gutters

Lead Image
  • 8-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-500
What You'll Need
Cleaning brush
Dish soap
Water hose
Latex paint
Liquid sanding solution
Flex additive
Paintbrush or spray gun

Vinyl gutters tend to become extremely dirty and lose their coloring over a period of time. This is mainly due to the materials being exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight, freezing temperatures, and all sorts of chemicals. Grimy vinyl gutters tend to take away the beauty and appeal of your home’s exterior, hence they should be dealt with immediately. Without utilizing the expertise of a handyman who will definitely incur a large cost, such a simple task can easily be done yourself by making use of a few simple tools. Follow the simple steps described below to paint a vinyl gutter yourself.

Step 1 – Remove Vinyl Gutters from Exterior

The first step is to bring down the vinyl gutter from the exterior walls to a flat surface where they can be easily painted. In order to do this, use a ladder and remove the screws with a screwdriver holding the gutters in place. Place the gutters on a smooth flat surface before moving onto the next step.

Step 2 – Clean up Gutters

By now, it will be apparent how dirty the gutters are. However, before beginning this next step, ensure that you have put on the gloves, eye goggles, and old clothing given how messy the next few steps will be. Firstly using the water hose, directly spray it all over the vinyl gutter as this will cause a great deal of the dirt to wash away. Next, mix dish soap and warm water in a bucket. Now using the cleaning brush, begin scrubbing until all of the filth has been washed away.

Step 3 – Apply Sanding Solution

Now that all the filth has been washed away, the next thing is to do is apply a light layer of liquid sanding solution using a paintbrush onto the vinyl gutter. Now, use a clean rag to wipe away some of the liquid sanding solutions. The main purpose of using this sanding solution is that it removes the gloss from the vinyl gutter; hence it shall easily allow the new paint to stick to it.

Step 4 – Add Flex Additive to Paint

Before you move onto the last step, add a small quantity of flex additive into the latex paint which will ultimately be used to paint the vinyl gutter. The addition of this flex additive has a number of advantages and the main one being that the paint shall not crack once this has been added to it.

Step 5 – Paint Vinyl Gutter

Finally, the vinyl gutter is ready to be painted. Using a paintbrush or a spray gun, whichever is more easily available to you, start painting the gutter. Allow for the first layer to dry, and then apply two more coats of paint to the gutter. Once the paint has been completed, let the gutter dry out completely. By this point in time, your vinyl gutter should be as good as new, and ready to be reattached to the exterior of your house.