How To Paint Wood Front Doors

Wood front doors are a very popular choice for many homeowners and can be maintained pretty easily. Follow the following steps to get you started in painting your wood doors.

Step 1-Remove the Door
Taking the door down from the hinges is the best way to prepare it for painting. It allows you to get a complete, smooth finish as you prepare the door for paint. Lay it across to saw horses.

Step2-Remove Hardware
Take all hinges, knobs, peepholes, locks and sweeps off of the door. It is much easier to keep them looking clean and functional if they are off of the door. While some people try to skip this step, they end up with a very unprofessional look because of paint on the hardware or unsightly brush marks around it.

Step 3- Sand the Door
For a new, bare door, a quick sanding with fine grit sandpaper on a reciprocal sander will be excellent. For a door that has already been painted, use medium grit paper on a reciprocal sander. The idea is to roughen the surface, not remove the paint. Wipe down with a soft cloth.
Step 4-Prime
Prime edges first, then rehang the door to get an even coat on the flat surfaces. Use a short nap roller for large areas and a 2” brush for detail work.

Step 5-Paint

Apply paint to a wood front door evenly and be sure it’s not too thick. Repeat the process once the top coat has had time to dry.