How to Paint Wooden Porch Columns

Wooden porch columns are the best especially when you want to give the column an artistic, classy, elegant or a stylish look. Wood is something that can be carved on very easily and can be made into different shapes and designs to make it look very beautiful as well as different and nice. You can also give it various treatments like water proofing, termite proof treatment etc., so that it can last for a longer time. To add to the beauty of the column and to give it a new or a unique look, you can even add some stones, bricks, or tiles just below or around the area where the column is. Apart from that, various designs can be carved and the painting can be done in such a way that it enhances the beauty of the design and make it stand out from the crowd. You can even blend it with a theme from your garden or courtyard.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Paint
  • Primer (if needed)
  • Brush
  • Roller (optional)
  • Drop cloth (optional)
  • Wood filler (if needed)
  • scrapper 

Step 1 - Check the Condition of the Column

Examine the condition of the column to make sure that everything is fine. You would also need to make sure that there are no cracks, splits or any sort of repair work that is needs to be done before painting the column.

Step 2 - Check the Paint

Check the old paint to see if it still is in a good condition. If there is any paint chipping off then make sure to take the scrapper and scrape it off until all the loose paint is out and the surface is leveled. This is important because, if the painting is done on the old coat or any uneven surface, even the new coat will come off. If everything is fine then apply a coat of primer and leave it to dry. Once it dries, move to Step 4 if there are no cracks or splits on the column.

Step 3 - Repair any Cracks

If there are many cracks, splits, or any sort of repair work that needs to be done, you can use the Wood Filler to fill the cracks or splits and does the necessary repair work to. Make sure that it is done before the painting and so that everything is fine. Once you are sure that all the repair work is done, and then you can then apply a coat of Primer.

Step 4 - Start the Painting

Mix and apply the necessary paint with the roller brush that you used to roll the primer. You can even use a brush first and then to give it a smooth finish, you can use the roller. Leave it to dry.

Step 5 - Give a Good Finish

To add a finishing touch, make sure you run the roller one more time in a particular direction. You can also add some sort of wood treatment or any good finishing product.