How to Paint Wooden Welcome Signs

What You'll Need
Wooden welcome sign
paints and paint brush
foam brush
medium grit sanding sponge
sponge or towel
computer and printer
stencils and decorative images
plastic sheeting or plastic garbage bag

Wooden welcome signs that are hung on the front door of your house bring a smile to the faces of your guests. A hand-painted welcome sign can compliment your home decoration and reveal your personal individuality and creativity. Painting wooden welcome signs by yourself is easy and quick.

Step 1–Clean Wooden Sign

Clean the wooden welcome sign with a wet sponge or towel. Smooth the surface and paint using the medium grit sanding sponge. Finally, wipe down the piece of wood again to remove any dust left in the process.

Step 2–Paint

Paint the wooden sign with acrylic paint. You will find these paints in a large variety of colors at any craft store. Start by painting the sign with a light color. The best light colors are beige or white. Then, place the sign on plastic sheeting and allow this first coat to dry completely overnight or at least for few hours. Paint the backside as well.

Apply the second and third coats of paint. If you want to give your welcome sign an antique look, you should coat the wooden sign with a second crackle paint. This one can be purchased at any craft store as well. Once the second coat is completely dry. If you want to have it dry faster, you may use a blow dryer or a heat gun. Then, apply the third coat of acrylic paint, choosing the color that compliments your home's decorative style.

Step 4–Stencils

Stencil your greeting on the sign. Search over the Internet and look for websites that offer free stencils. Find the right kind of stencils for your purpose. Choose the lettering. You can also stencil additional images to the sign and print out "Welcome" in the size that fits your sign. For larger signs, you may print a banner. You can also use some ready-made stencils which you would find at craft stores.

If you would like more ideas about types of letter styles, or pictures, do some research. You can visit your local craft store or look online for many different styles of lettering.  For example, there is handwriting or print styles to choose from. Once you are ready, tape the stencils to the sign and dab the paint by using a stencil brush. Let the paint dry and remove the stencils slowly and gently.

Step 5–Sand Paint and Apply Stain

Sand carefully all paint off the edges of the sign and round the corners using grit sandpaper. Clean the sign with a cloth to remove the dust and apply the stain. Use a paint brush, or a foam brush, and pay attention to the corners and edges. Wait ten minutes and wipe off the stain using a clean towel.  Use a hammer to add one or two picture hangers and hang your magnificent welcome sign.