How to Patch a Leak in an Air Mattress

What You'll Need
A roll of duct tape
A mattress pump
Patches for mattresses

If your air mattress has recently sprung a leak, you're probably planning to shell out the cash for a new one. But don't fret, air mattress enthusiasts, because fixing that leak can be a very easy procedure that anyone is capable of tackling in a timely fashion; especially if you have the right tools and a good set of instructions at your side. So if you're trying to patch a leaky mattress, simply read on to learn everything you'll need to know.

Proper Type of Patches

Before you begin the mattress patching process, you must first make sure that you possess the right type of patches for the job. Most air mattresses come packaged with a number of repair patches, but if no patches were included with yours, you can purchase them at virtually any store that sells air mattresses. Make sure not to proceed any further until you're sure you've acquired the right type of patches.

Locate the Source of the Leak

Now that you've acquired the proper tools for the job, you're ready to pinpoint the source of your air mattress's leak. Start this step by removing any sheets or covers and using the pump that was included with your mattress to fill it with air. Then, press on various points of the air mattress and listen intently for the sound of air escaping. This sound often resembles a faint whistle. If you're unable to hear the air escaping, gently run your hands around the air mattress in an attempt to feel out the leak. You can also determine the severity of the leak by laying on the fully inflated bed and gauging how much time it takes the mattress to deflate. If the mattress deflates within a very short window of time, you most likely have a severe leak on your hands. If the mattress takes a substantial amount of time to deflate, however, you're dealing with an easily-patchable minor leak.

Begin Patching the Leak

Once you've acquired the right type of repair patches and located the source of your air mattress's leak, you will be ready to begin the patching process. Begin by firmly placing one of your patches over the leaky area. Most repair patches have an adhesive-coated side that enables them to remain securely in place. Occasionally, repair patches will require the aid of duct tape to stay in place, but their adhesive-coated sides should more often than not do the trick. After the leak has been properly patched, fully inflate the mattress and proceed to once again feel around for air escaping. If air is no longer leaking from your mattress, you're all done.