How to Perform a Snowblower Oil Change

As the winter season approaches each year, it's a good time to start thinking about a snowblower oil change. This is an easy task for any DIY enthusiast, and it should take about 15 minutes to perform.

Tools and Materials

  • Vice grips or adjustable wrench
  • 1 pint of oil (usually 5W-30, but check the owner's manual)
  • Funnel
  • Pan to drain oil into
  • Wooden block

Step 1: Prepare Snowblower

Run the snowblower for a couple of minutes to warm up the old oil. Turn off the snowblower, and prop the front end up with the wooden block to let the oil drain easier.

Step 2: Remove Oil Drain Plug

The snowblower oil plug is a hexagonal-shaped plug near the back end of the machine. Place the pan underneath the plug. Remove the plug with the vice grips or wrench, and let the oil drain into the pan. Take the oil cap off the top of the machine to let the oil drain more quickly.

Step 3: Replace Plug and Fill with Oil

Make sure the plug is fairly tight when you put it back on. Using a funnel, slowly begin filling the machine with snowblower oil. Check the level on the dipstick until the oil reaches the proper fill line. Replace the oil cap, and the job is done.