How to Pick Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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Acoustic ceiling tiles are great for keeping the sound in a room from escaping, keeping the sound from other rooms from leaking in, or just softening the sound in a room. When installing acoustic tiles, therefore, it is imperative to choose the right style to fit your room objectives.

Types of Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles are made of many different materials. Look for the style that will enhance the look of your room as well as control the sound in it.

Hard-plaster acoustical ceiling tiles are made of a synthetic plaster that has been painted. These are not very good for soundproofing.

If you're going green, there are tiles made of a compound that contains starch mixed with wool. These are great for living rooms and home theaters.

Finally, there are acoustical ceiling tiles that are made of fiberglass. These are mostly used in ceilings with T-grids. They come in three-dimensional panels that are easy to handle, and they have the highest rating for absorbing sound.

Choosing Tiles

Make sure to always take the function of the room into consideration when choosing a tile. Also, choose an appropriate style, as you want your acoustic ceiling tiles to look as good as they perform. Overall, with so many styles to choose from, you should be able to find one that fits your taste as well as your needs.