How To Pick Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Your kitchen cabinet colors can affect the look of the entire room. Consider the following before you make a decision.


If your kitchen is sleek and modern, make sure your cabinets match the rest of it. It wouldn’t make much sense to have light oak cabinets in a kitchen that is decorated in bright whites, reds or steel.

Make sure your color choice not only matches the kitchen, but the motif as well. Choose modern looks for minimalist kitchens, wood grain finishes for classic kitchens, etc.

Think About Tomorrow

Those bright cherry red cabinets may look great now, but what about ten years from now? Not only can color prematurely age your kitchen, but it can affect the resale value of the home later.

If you want wild or unique elements for the kitchen, keep them away from permanent fixtures. Instead of choosing cabinets that may get boring, focus your creative energy on curtains, chairs and even drawer handles.

Repainting or Finishing

If you are the type of person who likes to frequently redecorate, you should opt for a lighter color wood grain for your cabinets. This will make it easier to refinish the look later if you so decide. You are also less likely to end up with cabinets that you regret, since a wood grain will look great in any kitchen.