How to Plan for a Fun and Unconventional Valentine's Day Date

The typical Valentine's Day date is predictable and--as soon as the day is over--quite forgettable. A little planning and know-how can turn your date on this special day into something the two of you will remember for many years to come.

Plan a Tour of Locations Important to You

Assuming your Valentine's Day date isn't your first date, you can make your date fun and unconventional by taking your date on a tour of places that mean something to you. Plan the day in advance and don't overload the day. Pick two to five important locations within easy driving distance of one another. When you arrive at each location, pull out a scrapbook of photos of your last visit there or some sort of souvenir. If you have nothing material to remember the place by, recite your memories of the time you shared there.

Be prepared to cut out a few locations if necessary. You may have so much fun reliving your memories that you want to spend a bit of extra time at a few locations. You don't want to rush your date because the object of the day is to enjoy yourselves. You can always tell your date about the original plan to visit other locations at the end of the date.

Film a Movie

Many people may decide to see a movie for a Valentine's Day date, but you should make a movie. So long as your date isn't camera-shy, the two of you should have a blast making a movie by which to remember your special Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be anything special, but if you want to write a short script and provide costumes, go ahead. Just make sure not to be too ambitious and create more of a headache than necessary. A 5 to 10 minute movie on the theme of love (script-holding allowed, as your date won't have time to memorize lines if it's a surprise) can be more than enough. If you want to keep it more casual, just film the two of you exploring a special place.

Make a Gift

Jewelry, flowers, tools, sports equipment may make pleasant Valentine's Day date gifts, but they're predictable and boring. The best dates appreciate gifts that you make yourself. Figure out your talent and make a gift, be it something you carved or knitted or otherwise fashioned with your own hand. If you can't make something tactile, pair a store-bought gift with a poem or essay you wrote expressing your feelings for your loved one.

Do a Favor

Couple your handmade Valentine's Day date gift with something that virtually anyone would love: a promise to do a favor at a later date (but make sure you follow through). Tune up your loved one's car or clean her house. Offer to watch the kids one night while he has a night out with friends or take her dog for a walk for a week. Knowing that you care enough to extend your feelings beyond the date will help make the special occasion memorable.