How To Plan For An Undercounter Freezer

Before you select an undercounter freezer, do some research to find the price and features that will best suit your needs. An undercounter freezer can add a different element to your kitchen or possibly a welcomed addition to an in-home bar or entertainment room in your home.

Why an Undercounter?

An undercounter freezer can easily fit in your kitchen, and many are about the same size as a dishwasher. Consider your available space as well as your limitations. Check to see if there is enough room under your kitchen countertop.

This type unit is also quite popular in an in-home bar area or other entertainment room.  Its compact size makes it an affordable choice for home entertaining.

Installation also is convenient fitting under a countertop with possibly only a few minor adjustments. Most units come in 15 or 30-inch wide models that will fit under a standard cabinet assembly.

Get Front Ventilation

Make sure you plan for a front ventilation unit. Unlike other units, like uprights and chest freezers that are equipped with rear ventilation, an undercounter freezer needs to be front ventilated because it is in a confined area. Otherwise, the unit would pose a fire hazard.

Most new models will have front ventilation, but if you are considering a used undercounter freezer, check the front base for vents.

Not Just Undercounter

Many undercounter freezers can also double as stand-alone freezers. That makes these type units an excellent choice when planning an entertainment area when remodeling a basement or other room.

Afreestanding freezer can also help augment freezer capacity in a limited space where neither a chest or upright unit can be fitted. An undercounter freezer would also work in a clubhouse or meeting room where extra freezer capabilities will enhance that room’s use.

Other Considerations

Undercounter freezer units can come in a variety of styles and finishes depending upon your taste and décor. Always look for a particular design that fits your personal needs.

Also, check to see what available power source is near your installation point. Although most undercounter freezers  require a typical household 110-volt outlet, you may wish to direct wire the appliance to a breaker box. Make sure you have the available room and circuit for direct wire installation. Also, make sure your unit is not a 220-volt appliance like a washer or dryer. If so, you need to plan for installing the proper power line to accommodate the unit.