How to Plant a Haworthia in a Pot

What You'll Need
Well-drained cactus soil mix
Terra cotta pot
Hawthoria plant
Pea gravel

Hawthoria is a plant which requires time and care, but not as much as, say, a moth orchid. They like sunshine but can tolerate partial shade, and are ideal houseplants for their desireable small size. They like well-drained soil, and only need to be watered a few times a year.
It isn’t difficult to plant hawthoria in a pot but you will need a few things specific to the health of your hawthoria plant.

Step 1 – Ready Pot

You should always use terra cotta pots with succulents because terra cotta, a fired clay material, will help excess water evaporate straightaway from the soil through the porous wall of the unfinished ceramic. This helps if you ever overwater your plant by giving it a chance to drain.

First, before you fill your pot with soil, you should blend your cactus soil with a handful of pea gravel to make sure that your hawthoria is well and completely drained when it needs to be. This ensures that even if you do overwater, while the terra cotta will help with water evaporation, the gravel will help extra water drain out of the bottom of the pot.

After the soil is mixed up, you can fill your pot ¾ the way full, and make a divet in the middle for the placement of your hawthoria plant.

Step 2 – Pot Hawthoria

Next, gently place your hawthoria into the divet you made in the middle of the soil in your pot. Then pour the rest of the soil designated for the pot around the roots of your hawthoria, and very tenderly pat the soil down. If the cactus mix has a moist quality to it, you don’t have to water the plant, but if it’s completely dry, it might not be a bad idea to use a spray bottle and mist the surface of the soil with some tepid water.

Step 3 – Regular Care

While the final step is usually finishing your project, in this case regular care is the last thing to do to pot your hawthoria plant. You should put it in a sunny window or on a sunny patio where the plant will get plenty of morning light. After it’s placed, water it every few months with the spray bottle method, making sure the hawthoria is mainly dry but has water every so often. Pay attention to the growth cycle and water accordingly; with so many different species of hawthoria, the cycles will change, and watering it at the wrong time of year will kill it.

Direct sunlight will also kill your hawthoria succulents, so be careful to keep some shade over it or reduce the amount of sunlight your hawthoria gets. The goal is to keep your hawthoria happy in your home, so that it can reward you with its irregular two-tipped flowers for season after season.