How to Plant a Knock Out Rose

What You'll Need
Knock Out Rose of your choice
Gardening hand spade
Slow release fertilizer

The Knock Out Rose is a favorite perennial among gardeners because of its beauty, continuous blooms and low maintenance. It is currently known as the most disease resistant rose in the market. All seven varieties have generous blooming capabilities with a fresh cycle every 5 to 6 weeks, adding color to any landscape.

Whether planted individually, in larger groups to form a colorful hedge or along the foundation of a flowerbed as a bright border, these flowers are sure to stand out and make a bold statement.

Planting is easy and with a little care your plant will mature into a bush 4 feet high and about 4 feet wide, with beautiful blooming roses. Follow theses steps to plant this special rose correctly.  

Step 1 – Purchase Your Knock Out Rose

Purchase the color and type of Knock Out Rose you want to grow from your local nursery or garden retailer. Choose a color that will compliment the surrounding area. 

Step 2- Select an Area to Plant

This shade tolerant rose does not require 6 hours of sunlight like normal roses do. It can thrive even when planted in a location with partial shade.

Make sure the soil where you want to plant is moist and well drained. You can add peat moss or a slow release fertilizer to the soil to feed your rose bush the essential nutrients.  

Step 3- Plant Your Knock Out Rose

The ideal time to plant is in the spring to ensure an entire summer of beautiful blooms to spruce up your garden.

Dig a hole twice as big as the container your Knock Out Rose is in, or one that is 5 inches wider and 5 inches deeper than the root ball of your rose. Remove any rocks, stones or twigs from the hole.

Remove the rose bush from the container and place the root ball into the center of the hole, loosening the roots gently to allow them space to grow freely.

Fill the planting hole with soil and mound it at the top with your hand to help the soil settle in place.

Spread a layer of mulch around the Knock Out Rose.   

Step 4 – Watering

Water your Knock Out Rose lightly when planting it. Continue watering frequently the first few weeks to help the plant establish itself in the soil. Never over water the rose, just add enough to make the soil moist.  

Step 5 – Care Instructions

A Knock Out Rose is a very hardy plant and can grow in humid and winter climates alike. In very cold areas mulching around the bush is necessary.

The petals fall by themselves, eliminating the need to deadhead. This disease and pest resistant plant should be pruned to about 12 inches above ground in early spring to promote abundant flower production in the coming season.

When planted indoors, keep the container in an area that is well circulated.