How to Plant and Grow a Dwarf Peach Tree

What You'll Need
A shovel
A wire cutter
A peach tree
A watering can

Growing a dwarf peach tree in the back garden is a quick and easy way to enjoy a fruit snack. The dwarf peach tree is a rapid grower, and is able to provide fruit sooner than other peach trees. Not only do they give full-flavor fruit, but they also put on an eye-catching display of blossom in the spring; dwarf peach tress are more adaptable than the larger trees, and are typically low maintenance.

Step 1: Growing a Dwarf Peach Tree

Peach pits need to be stratified, or conditioned, before the seed can germinate. To produce stratification, put the seed into some wet paper towels, and then into a plastic bag. Put this bag into the fridge for around 3 months. If they have not begun to germinate after removal from the bag, leave them in a warm room for 7 days, and then return to the fridge for another three months.

Step 2: Buying a Peach Tree

Most dwarf fruit trees will be bought from a garden center, but there are still a few things that need to be done before the tree can be brought home and planted. Firstly, check the tree for any signs of disease: excessive brown or discolored leaves, leaves and twigs with black spots, holes, or deformities, or roots that are plainly damaged or misshapen. There will also be a variety of dwarf peach trees to choose from.

Step 3: Preparing the Soil

Before planting your dwarf peach tree, you need to carefully prepare the soil for the new arrival. If you have not had your soil analyzed before, then take it to an expert. This information will tell you whether the dwarf peach tree will need you to add anything to the soil, such as phosphorous or lime, before the tree is planted. The place in which you plant the dwarf peach tree is also very important. Peach trees grow in sandy soil which has good drainage, and so any place where the tree will be planted needs to be able to drain water away quickly. Dwarf peach tree roots do not endure in clay or water-logged soil. In addition, you should choose a spot in the garden with full sun, as peach trees do not like partial or full shade.

Step 4: When to Plant, and Preparing the Tree

Your dwarf peach tree will grow best if planted during the late winter and early spring. This allows the roots of the tree to adjust to the soil before the growing season begins. Before the dwarf peach tree is planted, place the roots in water for around 24 hours. Cut away any roots that appear deformed or damaged, but do not cut off too much.

Step 5: Planting the Peach Tree

Put the roots of the peach tree into a hole large enough to accommodate them, and then cover with soil. Be sure that the soil is only packed lightly against the tree, as this will help in drainage. Make sure that the point where the roots meet the trunk of the tree is around 2 inches above the soil. Water well.