How to Plant and Grow Irish Moss

What You'll Need
Irish or Scottish moss plants
Garden hoe
Organic compost
Potting soil

Irish moss, which is also referred to as Scottish moss, is a plant that looks similar to mosses. Although not a true moss, the Irish moss is a plant that has all of the characteristics of moss, including the fact that it acts as a ground cover. It can be grown almost anywhere that you find a traditional moss growing and provides a good garden cover for your home.

To grow Irish moss you need to find new plant growth at a nursery and place it into the ground. You will be able to continue its growth from that point by following these steps.

Step 1 - Pick out Irish Moss Plants

Go to a local plant nursery and pick out Irish moss plants that can be placed into the ground in your home's garden. Look for plant growth that is healthy and appears to be growing well. The gardener at the nursery can help you find the Irish moss plants that are the best for your home garden. 

Step 2 - Locate a Growing Spot

Within your home's garden find a spot that is sunny or partially sunny to plant the Irish moss. You will need to place the Irish moss in the ground in an area that has good water drainage as well, so choose carefully where you want to grow the Irish moss plant in order to ensure its growth and survival.

Step 3 - Dig Holes for the Plant

Place holes in the soil for your Irish moss approximately 6 inches apart. The holes should be as deep as the plants that you are placing into the ground in order to make sure that the roots are adequately covered. Dig holes for each of the Irish moss plants then fill with fertilizer. The fertilizer that you select for your Irish moss should be purchased along with the plants from the nursery.

Step 4 - Place the Irish Moss in the Ground

After you have dug the holes in order to plant the Irish moss, place the plants inside of them and cover them with soil. Use potting soil in addition to the soil you dug up for your Irish moss plants. 

Step 5 - Place Mulch Around the Irish Moss

Use an organic compost to place as a mulch around the Irish moss plants. This will help the plant retain moisture necessary for its growth and survival. A regular plant or flowering mulch can work just as well if you do not have an organic mulch available for use on your Irish moss.

Step 6 - Water the Irish Moss Plant

For the first several weeks that the Irish moss is in the ground, water the surface of the plant enough to get the soil moist. Do not over water the soil or the plant will not survive. Choosing adequate drainage is important because it allows the plant to retain the water it needs for growing.