How to Polish a Chrome Kitchen Faucet

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-30
What You'll Need
White Vinegar
Chrome cleaner
Rubbing alcohol
Chrome polish
Glass cleaner

A chrome kitchen faucet looks wonderful when it’s clean and shining. That shine can rapidly disappear, however, and needs to be renewed regularly. There are several ways to do this, all of which work well. Some are better for general cleaning, while others are very effective on stains that can form on a kitchen chrome faucet.

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Step 1 - Use Soap And Water

Cleaning with soap and water is something you should do daily. Put a little soap on a cloth and rub it over the chrome kitchen faucet. Rinse out the cloth and wipe clean, then rinse again. This will take off any dust, and wiping clean will ensure that there are no streaks or water stains on the faucet. By doing this daily, you should make sure that deeper cleaning isn’t necessary, and it’s a regular part of kitchen maintenance.

Step 2 - Try Vinegar

If there are stains on the kitchen chrome faucet, you can remove them with white vinegar. Put some of the vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe hard at the stain until it goes away. Rinse off and dry with another cloth. Another technique for removing stains is to use rubbing alcohol. Apply in the same way as vinegar and rub hard until the stain goes. Clean with water and dry with a cloth.

Step 3 - Use Chrome Cleaner

Where there are deep stains, you’ll need to use a chrome cleaner to eliminate them. Be careful not to choose an abrasive cleaner, as this will simply scratch the chrome. Having selected the right chrome cleaner, spread it lightly on the chrome kitchen faucet. Not only should you clean with a dry cloth, you’ll also need to use an old toothbrush. This will allow you to reach into all the crevices and tiny areas of the faucet to give it a really deep cleaning.

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As the nylon bristles of the toothbrush won’t scratch chrome, you can brush hard. Be thorough. When you’ve finished scrubbing, clean off the chrome cleaner with a cloth soaked in cold water, and then dry off with a clean cloth.

Step 4 - Add Chrome Polish

As a final step, you can apply chrome polish. You can use the same kind of chrome polish you’d apply to the trim on your car. Rub on the polish as you normally would. With a kitchen chrome faucet, you should only leave it to sit for a minute before wiping it off again. Finish by buffing the chrome with a dry cloth to give a deep shine that will last for quite a while and be water-resistant.

Step 5 - Try Glass Cleaner

If you’re in a rush but want to give the kitchen chrome faucet a better cleaning than just soap and water, use glass cleaner. Spray it on, then wipe around with a clean cloth. Rub into all the hard to reach spots, and then wipe off for a good shine.

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