How to Polish a Gel Coat

small orange and black power boat
What You'll Need
Detergent or bleach
Polishing wax
Electric polisher or clean rag

Almost any fiberglass hull on a boat will have a get coat protecting the finish. After time, this gel coat will become dull when the surface wears off. Periodic polishing of the gel coat will renew the coating and bring back the protection and the shine. Here are a few steps to polishing the gel coat.

Step 1 - Clean The Area Thoroughly

Use a strong detergent, or some bleach, to clean the area of any type of marine deposits or any type of grease and dirt. Rinse very well and let it dry.

Step 2 - Apply Wax

There are several varieties of commercial waxes that you can use for polishing the gel coat. Before you choose, ask other boat owners what works best for their boats. Environmental conditions will have a lot to do with the efficiency of the wax. Apply the wax with a soft cloth and let it dry completely. This is much like shining shoes or waxing your car. Rub it on with a circular motion.

Step 3 - Polish Gel Coat

The ideal way to polish is with an electric polisher, but you can also use a clean rag. After you have let the wax dry for a day. move in a swirling motion to blend the wax together to form a strong bond and remove and wax that did not dry.