How to Polish Faux Ivory

Polishing faux ivory is easy to do and needs only a few common household items .

Clean your ivory

Faux ivory is usually plastic or some sort of hard resin. To clean, simply use an old toothbrush and a gentle soap, such as liquid bath soap. Gently brush your faux ivory in small circles with the damp, slightly soapy toothbrush to remove grime. Then clean any mounting in which your faux ivory might be set in the same manner. For pianos, be very careful to avoid drips by not using too much water and soap on the keys. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove any soap residue, and use a lint-free cloth to ensure the faux ivory is thoroughly dry.

Polish your ivory

When clean, faux ivory will have a nice glow. To create a shinier finish, use a fine mister filled with extra-virgin olive oil. Lightly mist the faux ivory and then polish with a lint-free cloth. While not recommended for piano keys, this light misting makes faux ivory jewelry or art objects glow.