How to Polish Limestone Countertops

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What You'll Need
Mild cleaner
Gallon bucket
Soft cotton cloth

Limestone is a natural mined stone, which is available in many different hues, colors, and textures. It is either sealed to maintain its appearance and make cleaning easier, or left untreated to maintain its natural look and texture. Following are ways of cleaning sealed and natural limestone countertops.

For Sealed Countertops

If it is sealed, limestone countertops are like any other natural stone countertops. A mild cleaner applied with a soft cloth or sponge is enough to clean your limestone countertop. Do not use abrasive or hard cleaners that will scratch the limestone. Add some liquid soap to a gallon of hot water in a bucket and rinse your countertops. Finally, wipe and dry with a towel to prevent water spotting. Resealing will be necessary after a few years, especially when you notice that the stone is staining.

For Unsealed Countertops

Natural and unsealed limestone is left unfinished to give it an innate look. You can give it an oil finish by applying safe mineral oil. Unsealed limestone can be washed with hot water and a mild detergent, or stone cleaner and a cotton cloth. Natural limestone is more prone to staining and watermarks. Dirt can collect in the cracks, so use a soft brush to clean it often. Once cleaned and dried, a fresh coat of mineral oil can be applied to give it a nice, polished finish.