How to Polish Motorcycle Front Forks

  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 12-30
What You'll Need
Metal polish
Mild cleaner
Soap and water
Garden hose
Protective gloves

Polishing your motorcycle front forks regularly is very important to keep your bike in top shape. Note that dirt, grime and even insects could get lodged in the forks of your bike so make sure you remove all these things regularly to protect the front forks of your bike from damage.

Step 1 - Clean Your Bike Thoroughly With Soap And Water

Before polishing it, you need to clean your motorcycle thoroughly with soap and water. When washing your motorcycle, take care not to spray water directly into the mufflers. When water gets inside the motorcycle, it could cause internal rust and damage the parts.

Step 2 - Dry Your Motorcycle


After washing, use old rags to dry off your motorcycle. When drying off your bike, check the air cleaner housing and make sure that it is not moist. Remember that once the housing becomes moist or saturated, it will be difficult for you to start your bike.

Step 3 - Clean the Aluminum and Stainless Surfaces of the Forks

Once your motorcycle is clean and dry, you may now start working on the aluminum and stainless surfaces of the forks. When cleaning up the aluminum and stainless steel surfaces of your forks wipe the forks with a dry rag.

Step 4 - Apply Metal Polish on the Surface of the Forks

Put some metal polish on a rag and then apply it on the surface of the motorcycle forks. Use small circular motions in applying the metal polish on the forks. To apply metal polish in hard to reach areas, wrap the tip of your screwdriver with a piece of rag and then apply metal polish on the rag. Take care not to scratch the aluminum or stainless surface when you apply the polish.

When applying metal polish, take care not to apply the metal polish on areas covered with plastic chrome. Most types of metal polishers contain ingredients that can damage plastic chrome.

After applying the metal polish on the aluminum and stainless surfaces of the fork, wipe off the metal polish with the use of a clean rag. Buff the area where you applied metal polish until it shines.

Step 5 - Polish Areas Covered with Plastic Chrome


Plastic chrome looks like chrome, but it is actually made of plastic. If some parts of your motorcycle forks are covered with plastic chrome, do not use chrome polish on this area. Normal chrome polish is too strong and abrasive to polish areas covered with plastic chrome. To clean the plastic chrome, simply use mild cleaner and water. After washing the plastic chrome, use wax to polish it. To apply the wax, put some wax on a piece of rag and then gently apply it on the surface of the plastic chrome. After applying the wax, dry the area with a clean rag or towel.