How to Polish Terrazzo Tile

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What You'll Need
Commercial wax stripper
Floor scrubbing machine
Water bucket
Paint roller
Terrazzo floor cleaner
Floor polish for terrazzo floors

Polishing does wonders for a terrazzo tile floor. It can give your floors an eye-catchingly radiant finish. It also helps to protect it against stains and other problems. Layers of polish will protect a terrazzo floor from deep staining. You can do it on your own by following the simple steps below.

Step 1 - Apply and Strip the Wax

Terrazzo floors are usually finished with one or two layers of sealer; this is not enough to protect the floor from penetrating dirt. This is why the floor must be thoroughly stripped of any protective coating that houses stains and grime.

Read and follow the instructions carefully and squeeze wax stripper on the floor. Use the floor scrubbing machine to strip any existing wax that is on the floor.

Step 2 - Mop Floor

terrazzo flooring

Dip the mop in clean water and mop the floor to remove all the wax stripper remains. Let the floor dry completely.

Step 3 - Apply Floor Polish

Follow the instructions from the manufacturer regarding how to apply the floor polish. You can apply polish by using a small paint roller or by using a dry mop. Make sure to choose a floor polish that’s easy to apply.

Step 4 - Let the Polish Dry

Let the floor polish dry overnight. The best way to create a radiant terrazzo floor is also the best way to protect it; you must put multiple layers of polish on the floor.

If you take good care of it, your terrazzo tiles could last a lifetime and mirror the sophistication and feel it characterizes. Clean your polished terrazzo tile floor frequently to avoid stains and other problems. Make sure to use products safe for terrazzo.