How to Position a Wood Carving Chisel for a Paring Cut

What You'll Need
Paring chisel
Safety glasses

If you are not familiar with the many processes involved in woodworking and the only thing that comes to your mind when you see a wood carving chisel is a door stopper, you need to know how to position the chisel to make a paring cut. But first, you need to know what a paring cut is. This cut is one where you scoot under the top layer of the wood and take off a slice. Usually, it is done by curling the wood slice. The cut is generally used for reducing the dimensions of a wood.

Step 1-Readying and Marking the Wood

Place the material you will be working on in a vise bench and clamp it in. Mark the location that you need to pare.

Step 2- Gripping the Chisel

Grip the chisel using both hands. One hand should be on top of the chisel handle, while the other should be on top of the chisel blade. The hand that is placed on the handle top will be the one that will provide power and the one on the handle blade will offer control and guide the tool to the right direction.

Step 3-Positioning the Chisel

In making a paring cut, the chisel should be angled towards the direction of travel and the cut should go along the grain of the wood, not against it.

Step 4-Making the Cut

Press firmly on the chisel and make thin shavings from the wood grain. Work by going from the outer edges of the material to the middle, so as not to have any splintering.