How to Prep and Paint Drywall

Drywall in a house.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50
What You'll Need
Fine-grain sandpaper
Lint-free rag

You have to do something with that bare drywall. You’ve been looking forward to your custom paint job and everything else is finally in place. You’ve picked out the colors and the finish. You’re ready to get the paint on the walls and see your room come to life. But before you open that fresh can of paint make sure to prep your drywall.

Check the Walls

First, you need to check the walls for protruding nails and screws. If you find any, hammer or drill them in and spackle the holes. Next, you need to make sure that the wall surface is smooth and even.

Sand the Joints

Using fine grain sandpaper, lightly sand the spackled joints and holes to smooth any bumps. This will produce a great deal of dust, and wearing a mask to protect yourself is advised. Once the wall is smooth, use a lint-free rag to remove all of the dust. If dust or lint is left on the wall it will disrupt the painted finish.

Prime the Walls

The last step before painting is to prime the walls. This layer will smooth out the difference in texture between spackle and drywall. Choose a primer designed for drywall.

Now that the walls are smooth, clean, and primed, you can begin to paint. Make sure you stir your paint well and provide good ventilation to the area.