How to Prepare a Wall for Stone Veneer

What You'll Need
Rubber Gloves
Face Mask
Metal Scraper
Cleaning Rags
Plastic Bucket
Wide Mouth Container
Detergent Powder
Eco-Friendly Paint Stripper
Chicken wire
Washed Sand
Concrete Nail, 2 inch
Nylon cord

A stone veneer can add beauty to an otherwise dull space. To prepare your walls the stone veneer, here is what you need to do:

Step 1 – Get Ready for Work

Working with your walls can expose you to a lot of dust, grimes and airborne particles that can cause lung irritation. To avoid inhaling dust and particles, you should don your face mask before you start working. Also, be sure to wear protective gloves especially when handling chemicals and cleaning solutions. 

Step 2 – Clean the Walls

You need to clean your walls first before stripping the paint off. To do this, pour water into the bucket and mix with detergent powder to make your cleaning solution. Wet the wall with water and the brush the detergent solution briskly to remove grease, dirt, mold, etc. Wash the area thoroughly and let it dry completely.

Step 3 – Strip the Wall Paint

After cleaning your walls with soap and water, you need to strip the paint off. To remove the paint, apply the Eco-friendly paint stripper into the wall and let stand until the paint starts flaking. Most types of paint stripping solutions work fast so you can expect the paint to loosen up in just a matter of minutes. Once the paint loosens, use a scraper to remove the old paint from the wall. When scrapping the paint off your walls, avoid pushing your scrapper too hard into the surface to avoid creating deep scratches. If you encounter stubborn paint, apply more paint remover to help loosen up the paint then scrap the paint off gently. After scraping off the paint, you need to wash the walls again using soap and water. You may use a brush to remove stubborn paint, dirt and grime. Let your walls dry completely after cleaning.

Step 4 – Prepare Stone Veneer Base

Hammer one concrete nail at each extreme corners of the wall. Tie the nylon cord at each side to maintain “flatness” guide off the wall. One basic requirement in preparing walls for veneer installation is to ensure flatness to avoid any issues on uneven panels later on. Mix up a scratch coat. This is a mixture of 2-parts sand (washed type) and 1 part cement. Tack up chicken wire. Apply a scratch coat with metal scraper about ½ inch in thickness from the wall itself. Align this to the cord guide to level off and make a flatter wall surface. Let the coat dry. You now have a good masonry base for your stone veneer.

If your wall is made of the block wall type, put in mortar on the grout lines off the wall. This is to maintain roughness without applying the scratch coat on chicken wire as described above.

If you have wooden masonry, use roofing felt to create a vapor barrier. Fasten the chicken wire and apply a scratch coat of cement to get your wall ready for stone veneer application.