How to Prepare an Attic Fan for Winter

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An attic fan or whole house fan can be a great money saver for summer months. However, during the winter, it can let that saved income leak right out. Preparing your attic fan for cold weather is a simple task.

Check for Obstructions

Routinely checking your attic fan for obstructions, such as bird nests, sticks, or leaves is a good practice year-round. If you find any obstructions during your winter check-up, remove them. Next, make sure the fan is generally clean and dry.

Make Sure the Fan Is Operational

Quickly check that your attic fan is in working order. This will decrease the risk of safety hazards. If you find anything wrong, fix it immediately.

Seal Off the Fan

Sealing off the attic fan will help prevent loss of heat. You can do this yourself or purchase an attic fan seal, available at most home improvement or hardware stores. If you go this route, follow the manufacture’s instructions for installation.

Another way to seal off an attic fan is to use thick plastic and insulation. When using plastic, make sure the attic fan is properly sealed on all edges. Checking the seal once a week will ensure continual protection against losing heat through your attic fan.