How to Prepare to Paint Stucco

To prepare to paint stucco will depend entirely on how the stucco was applied, which means whether it is smooth or textured. This would determine how much preparation it would require, especially in cleaning the paint surface.

Step 1 - Filling Cracks

It is necessary at this point to look at whether the stucco has any cracks; fill these before you do anything else. This can be done with what is called stucco patch. If the cracks are quite wide, add stucco material strengthened with masonry glue.

Step 2 - Cleaning the Surface

It is important to clean the stucco wall properly before you apply any paint. Remove any dirt, mildew or grease. Start by using water with a low-pressure spray. If this does not clean it sufficiently, use an eco-friendly cleaning agent to clean off all dirt.

Step 3 - Painting the Stucco

Painting can begin as soon as you are sure that the paint area is thoroughly clean and that all cracks and caulking are taken care of. Because you do not need to use primer, choose a paint which is specifically designed for stucco. This kind of paint is quite thick and also has some elasticity to it.