How to Pressure Wash Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak dining set on a deck
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

Teak outdoor furniture has become very popular for its attractive and natural look. This wood, originating from South Asia, has the capacity to be very resistant to the elements. It's color will turn to a nice tone of grey if not treated. However, it has to be cleaned regularly to keep its beauty.

Gentle Cleaning is Advised

Never use any chemical cleaning solution on teak wood. The best way to keep teak outdoor furniture nice and clean is to use warm water and a soft soap solution such as Murphy Oil Soap for wood or even simply liquid soap. Soak the furniture using a cloth with soapy water and rub gently following the wood grain directions.

Go Easy with Pressure Washing

large teak dining set

If the furniture is really dirty and hard to clean by hand, a little pressure coming from a nozzle of a garden hose is enough to do the job. Using more than 1200psi of pressure will result in damages to the teak wood. Avoid using steel wool that scratches the wood instead of cleaning stains off.

Hard stains need to be soaked longer with more soap and water and rinse with a gentle pressure into cracks or underneath where dirt accumulates. Of course it is best to clean them more often so it takes less time and eliminates the risk of causing damages.