How to Prevent a Southern Pine Deck from Warping

What You'll Need
A water repellent stain for southern pine wood
A roller brush
An extension pole
A paint pan
A garden hose
A bucket

Once the water repellent finish on your southern pine deck begins to lose its protective ability, any water that falls on the deck can be soaked into the wood and cause the boards to warp. Regular maintenance of your southern pine deck will prevent water from soaking into the wood and causing warping damage to your deck boards.

Step 1 – Finishing the Deck

Southern pine wood decks should be finished in a clear or semi-transparent water repellent. For the best stain choice, use a clear water repellent finish. If you would prefer to have some color on your deck, choose a semi-transparent stain. Paint and solid stains are not recommended. Be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before you begin to stain your deck. Use a roller brush, an extension pole and paint pan to apply the finish to the deck. Allow the deck enough time to dry completely.

Step 2 – Refinishing the Deck

A simple water test will indicate whether your deck needs to be refinished. This test should be done on a wood deck that is completely dry. Use a garden hose or a water can to pour water onto your deck. Water droplets should form on the deck if the finish is still working properly. If the water is absorbed into the wood, you will need to reapply your deck water repellent finish.