How to Prevent Centipedes From Entering Your Home

centipede crawling across dirt
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What You'll Need
Diatomaceous earth
Door-sealing strips

If you've ever had centipedes invade your home, you know these insects aren’t easy to remove. While it’s true that these quick bugs can be useful because they like to eat other home pests like cockroaches and crickets, a centipede’s bite can be as painful as a bee sting. The larger the centipede, the more painful its bite will be. To eliminate them from your home and prevent them from returning, follow these tips.

Step 1 – Reduce Moisture Around Your Foundation

Centipedes are often attracted to damp or wet areas. Therefore, one of the best ways to discourage centipedes from coming near your home is to reduce the moisture content around your house and its foundation. Examine your home’s foundation. Remove wet piles of garden mulch or debris. In addition, make sure you rain gutters deposit water away from your foundation.

Step 2 – Seal Cracks

Next, look for any cracks in your foundation, where centipedes could enter. These small insects can maneuver through tiny spaces. Repair cracks with caulking to prevent them from coming inside. Also check for any areas already inside your home they could be coming through. For instance, many centipedes like to crawl up drainpipes and can be found in your sink.

Step 3 – Keep Doors Closed

Keep your doors closed at all times to keep centipedes out. In addition, check to see if you have any cracks in or around your door that a centipede could squirm through. Use a door-sealing product underneath the door.

Step 4 – Capture Centipedes

If you see any centipedes in your home, kill the centipedes or catch and release them far away from your home, where they won’t come back. However, be careful if you try to capture them, as centipedes are quick and can bite.

Step 5 – Use Pesticides

Warning: Do not apply your own chemical pesticides unless they are for personal, home use and you follow all of the product's safety directions. If you want to use diatomaceous earth, wear a mask when handling the substance to avoid inhaling it.

If the above tips haven’t prevented all centipedes from entering, consider hiring a pest-control service to use a pesticide around your home’s foundation. Or, consider sprinkling food-grade diatomaceous earth around your home's perimeter to prevent them from coming in.