How to Prevent Efflorescence on Your Stucco Home

There are a few ways in which to prevent efflorescence on your stucco home. Efflorescence appears when your stucco wall has just had too much water. It is then time to start preventing efflorescence. Here are a number of ideas.

Idea 1 – Curing of New Stucco

It is important to allow new stucco to cure properly as this will prevent efflorescence to appear once the walls have been painted.

Idea 2 – Keep Moisture Away

Keep moisture away from your walls as much as possible, especially when it comes to sprinklers. Don’t allow your sprinklers to be close enough to wet your walls.

Idea 3 – Priming and Painting to Prevent Drying Out

One way is to prime your walls is with an alkali-resistant sealer, especially if you live near the coast or in a high rainfall area. This will protect them from drying out completely, thus preventing efflorescence. Once you’ve primed them, you could paint them with an elasticised paint. Make sure that you also do this to the wall that is partially underground so that water doesn't seep up into the wall.

Idea 4 – Gutters and Downpipes

Make sure that your gutters and downpipes are not leaking, as they should assist in leading water away from your wall.