How to Prevent Mold and Condensation on Aluminum Windows

Man glazing a window
  • 2-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200

Mold and condensation build up on aluminum windows can be prevented with a few simple steps.

Choose the Right Paint

Aluminum conducts heat which keeps the material cold even if the room is warm. Latex paint applied to the aluminum can become damp and develop condensation which will eventually lead to mold.

Carefully scrape any existing latex paint from the aluminum window frame. Be careful not to scratch the aluminum finish. Use fine sandpaper to remove any paint that will not come off with the scraper.

When ready, select a paint that is rust-resistant or labeled for aluminum. Also use a primer as needed.

Repaint the Aluminum


Clean the entire window frame. Use painter's tape to protect the window glass from paint. Use a small paint brush to apply a glossy rust-resistant paint to cover the window frame. There are paint products available that are also mold-resistant. If possible, purchase a product with both qualities. Allow the paint to dry completely and remove the tape from the window glass.

Be sure to keep any window coverings on the aluminum frames open to increase air flow and help in preventing condensation.