How to Prevent Pilling on Berber Carpet

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Berber carpet is known for its beauty and durability. The word Berber actually refers to its weave rather than an actual type of carpet. Berber carpet is available in a wide range of fibers, and nylon and wool fiber choices are the most highly recommended.

One concern you might have with Berber carpet is pilling, or little fiber balls forming on the surface of the carpet. Experts recommend several methods to prevent pilling.

Select Quality Fibers

As mentioned above, the choice of fiber in your Berber carpet will determine how it wears. The longest-lasting fibers are wool and nylon, which will inherently resist pilling much longer than other fibers, such as polyester, Olefin, or blends. Also, higher filament fibers are stronger and will naturally resist pilling longer.

Pilling can occur due to traffic, moving furniture, vacuuming, or other mechanical agitation. Starting with the strongest choice of fibers in your carpet selection will naturally slow down the process.

Protect High Traffic Areas

The carpet in most homes eventually develops "trails" indicating the traffic patterns between the most frequently used rooms in the house. This excessive wear and tear will result in pilling over time. High traffic pathways can be protected easily with throw rugs or clear vinyl mats for day-to-day use. If you don't care for the look, throw rugs and mats can easily be removed for the company and special occasions. Used regularly, this protection will extend the new appearance of your Berber carpet.

Change Your Traffic Patterns

Another way to reduce repeated wear in specific areas is to rearrange your furniture on a regular basis to re-channel foot traffic. One of the benefits of Berber carpet is its ability to spring back to its original shape, so moving furniture and revealing indentations from sofa feet and table legs are only a temporary effect.

When you do move your furniture, be sure to lift heavy pieces rather than drag them. Dragging furniture across Berber carpet frequently will result in pilling, so be sure to have lifting assistance when needed.

Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Some vacuum cleaners use a "beater bar" or a revolving brush. The aggressive movement of these features may effectively pull hair and debris out of a high pile or plush carpet, but could damage your Berber carpet. Since an essential component of Berber carpet is its closed loops, it will naturally resist the kind of deeply embedded soil that plush or high pile carpets may hide. A quality vacuum cleaner with excellent suction can pull all the dirt out of your Berber carpet without causing the pilling that will result from repeated attacks from a beater bar or revolving brush.

Remove the Pilling

If all these tips fail or come too late in your Berber carpet's life span, pilling can be eliminated by trimming the pills from the carpet with scissors. Try to avoid pulling the fibers out of the carpet, but stretch the pilled fiber and cut the little balls close to the surface.