Preventing Roaches in Your Shower Drain

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • $30-50
What You'll Need
Roach insecticide
Shower drain cover
Roach traps

If you have a problem with roaches coming out of your shower drain, you will need to address the situation immediately. Roaches can spread diseases and are pests that no home needs. If you need to prevent roaches from coming out of your shower drain there are some things that you can do from preventing this problem from becoming worse. You can address the problem of roaches coming out of your shower drain by following the advice provided in this article.

What Roaches Indicate

When you discover roaches and kill a few, this does not eliminate your problem. Where there is a single roach is a sign that a whole colony of roaches may be nearby. You need to address the problem of a roach infestation as well as the symptom of killing a few wayward roach that strays through your shower drain.

Use a Roach Killing Insecticide

Use a strong roach killing insecticide and pour it into the shower drain. Remove the shower drain cover in order to gain access to the drain and pour as much of the insecticide that is needed in order to address your roach problem. Allow the insecticide to reside in the drain for several hours. This will kill any roaches in the immediate vicinity. There is still more work to do because, unfortunately, this still does not solve your infestation process.

Purchase a Replacement Shower Drain Cover

Purchase a new shower drain cover that has smaller holes at the top. This shower drain cover should have holes that are large enough for water to pass through but not too large that roaches can crawl through. The shower drain cover should fit securely over the shower drain.

Set Traps Near the Shower Drain When not in Use

When you are not using the shower, set roach traps near the drain for a period of time in order to catch any additional roaches that have either escaped your previous extermination attempts or are trapped in other areas of the bathroom. These traps can give you a sense of the extent of the roach problem in the bathroom and also determine whether the efforts to put insecticide into the drain or change the shower drain cover was successful or not.

Contact an Exterminator

Although this is not a desired prevention tactic for a homeowner, you need to contact a qualified professional exterminator to come in and take care of the roach problem in your shower. Because roaches are not solitary pests and signs of roaches coming out of the shower drain is indicative of a larger infestation, a professional exterminator is needed. Calling an exterminator will eliminate the problem and create a way for you to begin a regiment of keeping the shower and shower drain area clean in order to keep it free of roaches and the chance that they will return to your shower once they are killed off.