How to Prevent Slipping on a Cement Pool Deck

What You'll Need
Old towel
Epoxy paint
Epoxy primer
Cement grinder
Vacuum cleaner

If you have a cement pool deck around your swimming pool, you may think that it was quite cheap and simple compared to other decks. However, a cement pool deck can be very slippery at times, and thus it can be very dangerous as well. For this reason, in order to prevent slipping on your cement pool deck, you can decide to apply paint or stain on it. You can also choose to apply just a sealer on your pool deck. Remember that before you paint the pool deck, you have to get rid of the actual finish. You also need a cement grinder to clean and get you pool deck ready for painting.

Step 1 – Cleaning the Pool Deck

You need to remove all dust and debris from your cement pool deck by using a heavy duty broom or vacuum cleaner.

Step 2 – Renting a Cement Grinder

Now you need to find an equipment rental retailer and hire a cement floor grinder. Remember to always ask the retailer to show you how the grinder works, even if you used a cement grinder in the past.

Step 3 – Using the Cement Grinder

Switch on the grinder when it is still elevated, then put it down very gently on the surface of your cement pool deck. Grind every part and corner of the deck, but keep in mind that you should move slowly. Check the pool deck after you have used the grinder on the entire area of the pool deck. Remove any dust and debris with a broom or vacuum cleaner, and if you are not satisfied, use the grinder again. After you finish completely, use the vacuum cleaner to take off any dust from your cement pool deck.

Step 4 – Using an Old Towel

Soak an old towel in water and wipe the pool deck with it to take off any remaining dust. Let the cement pool deck dry.

Step 5 – Applying Primer and Paint

Apply primer to your pool deck with a 3/4 inch roller and let it dry completely. Use a paintbrush to give your pool deck 3 paint coats. Remember to let each coat dry before you paint the deck again.

Step 6 – Applying a Stain

If you want to apply stain to your cement pool deck, you do not need to follow the previous 2 Steps. If you have a number of stairs on your pool deck, start with them but remember to try the stain on a hidden tiny area of the deck first. After applying stain to the stairs, continue staining the rest of the deck with a roller.

Step 7 – Applying a Sealer

You can also decide to apply the sealer after the primer and paint or else, apply it directly to bare cement. Use a paintbrush to apply the sealer to your cement pool deck. Make sure that it is a polyurethane sealer because it is resistant to sunlight, whereas an enamel sealer turns yellow as time passes by. Make sure that a minimum of 24 hours have passed before you start using the swimming pool again.