How to Prevent the Bristles of a Paint Brush from Falling Out

What You'll Need
Some soapy water
Paint thinner
Cups or mugs
Painting boxes

Bristles falling out of a paint brush can be one of the most annoying things for any decorator. There are many several maintenance tips which will stop your bristles from falling out and save you from having to pick at the surface of your paint job to remove stray hairs.

Step 1 - Clean

Always clean your paint brushes after you use them. Only use soapy water or paint thinner. This should include cleaning during a job if you have not actually finished at the end of a session. If paint dries on a brush, it will cause the bristles to stick together. Eventually, they pull on each other and slowly loosen from the lining of the brush.

Step 2 - Drying

A paint brush has to be dried correctly to stop the bristles from falling out. Simply leave them in a flat position or with the handle in a cup so the bristles sit upright. This will stop the weight of the handle from leaning on the bristles to bend them and cause them to become loose.

Step 3 - Storage and Usage

You must always use different paint brushes for specific jobs. This means having brushes just for oil paints and brushes for water-based paints. Mix them up and the bristles will often become tangled and damaged which will cause them to fall out. Use drawers or boxes to separate each type.