How to Prevent Warping of Antique Inlay Wood Furniture

What You'll Need
French Wax
Soft Cloths

If you want to prevent your antique inlay wood furniture from warping, then as well as making sure that you take proper care of it, you also need to ensure that you cover the surface of your wood with a suitable type of finish. This will help to deflect some of the temperature changes which can be the major cause of warping.

Step 1 - Preventing Temperature Changes

As wood warms up or cools down, it expands and contracts. Over time, if the antique inlay wood furniture is exposed to repeated changes of temperature, the wood may become warped. The best way to prevent warping is therefore to protect your antique inlay furniture from temperatures. Keep it in a cool room, not too close to radiators or other heat sources.

Step 2 - Add Finish

There are a number of suitable finishes on the market which can be used to help prevent damage. You could use a French wax, which will also give the antique inlay wood a warmer feel. You may also choose to use lacquers, which carry a stain, although these can affect the appearance of the inlay. When applying these materials, make sure that you only use soft cloths, in order to prevent damage to the wood.