How to Prevent Your Window Seat Cushions from Slipping

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  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-50
What You'll Need
A window seat
a cushion
Double sided tape
Elastic fabric
A hammer

Window seats are an attractive and sophisticated way to provide extra seating in your home. However, placing window seat cushions can be tricky, as they can tend to slip, or otherwise become damaged by moving away from their ideal position. Window seat cushions can be secured in a number of creative and original ways in order to ensure that the cushions do not slide away from window seats.

Step 1 - Getting the right kind of cushion

The first thing to consider when preventing window seat cushions from slipping is the kind of window seat that you have. Rectangular window seats can take a variety of cushions, while octagonal or curved window seating may require a special cut of cushion in order to prevent serious slippage. Getting the right window seat cushion for the shape of seat is the first essential of keeping the cushions from slipping.

Step 2 - Tape, a simple solution

One good way of keeping your window seat cushions from slipping or moving on the seat is by using a small piece of double-sided tape. This tape will keep the cushion firmly in position (so long as you are not too boisterous). You can place the tape by either sticking it to the wood, and then placing your choice of cushion upon it, or by fixing it to the cushion, and then putting that onto the wood. Ensure that they are properly attached by pushing down upon the seat.

Step 3 - Keeping the seat on with fabric

Another way to prevent the window seat cushions from slipping is to attach them to the seat using elastic fabric. Window seats often have tops which stick out slightly above the sides of the seat, and you can use this extra inch to give the elastic fabric something to cling on to. Firstly, buy either a piece of elastic (available at most general stores) or a piece of stretchy material from a dressmaking shop. Sew this to the underside of the cushion, making either a strap (with the piece of elastic), or a sleeve (with the material). Ensure that, once stretched, it will fit over the seat, and then place the cushion on the seat and put the elastic underneath the top of the seat.

Step 4 - Making a cushion frame

If the window seat is relatively new, then another solution may be to make a wooden frame in which to place the cushion. using wood which is close to the same color and texture as your window seat, make a frame in which the cushion can sit comfortably, without moving around. Attach this frame to the window seat using nails, and then put the window seat cushion into the middle. The frame should be high enough on all sides to support the cushion and keep it in place, without being so obtrusive that it makes sitting in the seat uncomfortable: it should not press against the legs while the cushion is in place for example. Using this wooden frame method means that you can change the cushion covers when you please.