How to Prime a Textured Ceiling

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What You'll Need
A vacuum
Vacuum attachments
A step ladder
Painter’s tape
Paint brushes
Paint-roller pan
Plastic sheets
Protective eyewear
A dust mask
A cap
Old clothing

Before you can paint a textured ceiling, it has to be primed. Because textured ceilings are relatively porous, a large amount of primer is required to seal them. Use a quality acrylic primer on your textured ceiling. If you need to thin it out, combine four parts primer with one part water.

Step 1—Purchase the Primer

Use the area of the ceiling to determine the amount of primer you will need. Visit your local hardware or home-improvement store and speak to a professional about your plans to prime your textured ceiling.

Step 2—Protect Your Room

Remove as many items as possible from the room in which you are planning to paint. Take out the furniture, decorative items, rugs, and wall décor. Use plastic sheeting to cover anything left in the room. Make sure the floor is completely covered. Using painter’s tape, secure the plastic sheets to the bottom third of the walls.

Step 3—Change Clothes

Rolling primer onto the ceiling can be a messy job. Put on old clothes before you begin. Wear an old cap to protect your hair, safety glasses to protect your eyes, and a dust mask to protect your mouth.

Step 4—Prepare the Ceiling

Get up on the ladder and remove any residue from the ceiling using your vacuum. Connect the attachments and an extension piece before you climb the ladder. Use care to avoid damaging any of the texture work on the ceiling with the vacuum attachments.

Step 5—Cut In the Ceiling

Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the primer before you begin. Pour the primer into the paint roller pan. Immerse your paint brush into the primer and then brush off any excess liquid. Use your paint brush to apply the primer along the entire perimeter of the ceiling. Finally, allow the primer enough time to dry completely before you begin priming the rest of the ceiling.

Step 6—Apply the Primer

Attach a paint roller with a long nap to the extension handle. Dip the roller in the primer and then roll off any excess liquid. Now, roll the primer onto the ceiling, always in the same direction. If you move the roller in different directions, you could cause the texture to peel off of the ceiling. When you’re done applying the primer, allow it enough time to dry and then apply the second coat.