How to Prime and Start a Chain Saw

What You'll Need
Cycle oil
Chain oil
Gasoline bar
Chain saw

Regardless of the type of chain saw you have, there are certain steps to take when getting your chainsaw primed and started. Always try to specifically research the type of chain saw that you have, both makes and models can vary. To be sure that you are going to have as little problems as possible, read the owners’ manual thoroughly before you begin to use your chain saw for any reason.

Step 1: Gas Chain Saws

Gas chain saws are known to be somewhat fickle when it comes to starting them up. For example, if they are cold, you should give your chain saw a good full choke prior to your first pull. You are going to hear a kind of ‘burping’ sound. Once you have heard this, you can rest assured that your gas chainsaw is ready to be turned on.

Once you have gotten the correct sound out of your chainsaw, you are ready to give it a half of a choke. After that, it should take no more than four pulls before you chain saw starts. Your chain saw should be put in the run position after it has started. You will not need to choke it anymore. Before you begin to use your chain saw it should warm up for at least 30 seconds. You should also allow it to set for a little bit before turning it off.

Step 2: Electric Chain Saws

An electric chain saw does not require quite as much work as a gas chain saw. Before you begin to do anything you should plug in your electric chain saw. With most electric chain saws there is a trigger button that you will push after you have plugged it in. Usually this is the same button you will need to push when you are ready to turn off your electric chain saw. You should always be 100 percent sure of what button turns off the chain saw before you start it up.

Step 3: Priming

Priming your chain saw is done before you even turn it on. Your chain saw will not turn on if you have not primed it first. There is usually a prime bulb. This is what you will be pushing on in order to prime the chain saw. Normally you will need to press down on this bulb several times before you can consider your chain saw fully primed. Before you prime, make sure that the choke is either closed or turned on.

Step 4: Safety

Do not attempt to use your chain saw without first having taken the proper safety precautions and protective gear. Before you even turn your chain saw on you should already have your safety goggles on. Everything that you are going to be using or wearing should already be ready or on before your chain saw is picked up. If used correctly and safely, a chain saw can be an extremely effective and powerful tool.