How to Program a Garage Door Opener Remote for a 2-Door Garage

If your garage door opener remote for your 2-door garage did not come pre-programed then it is very simple to program the remote controls yourself. This is also a good trick to know if for instance you move into a new rental and it is possible that old tenants still have a working remote for your garage.

You Will Need No Tools

Step 1 - The Learning Button

Look in you owners manual and find where the learning button is on your remote garage door openers main logic board located in the garage. This can be a small round or square button and they come in several colors. Hold this button down for more than 20 seconds on most models and it will clear the memory of all past garage door opener remote controls.

Step 2 - Program Your Remote Controls

Now, with your remote control in hand, hold down the open/close button on your remote and while you are doing this press the learning button on the logic board. It varies from brand to brand but you should see some indication that the logic board has learned your remote control. Sometimes this is a brief flash of the lights on the machine and sometimes this is a click or a beep. Do the same for all your remote controls and now they should all be programed to your garage door and your door will now open only for the remote controls you possess.