How to Propagate a California Redwood Cutting

Propagating a California Redwood cutting can create a life-long memory of your vacation through the redwoods. After properly rooting a redwood cutting, your tree can grow for generations. It will purify our air and perpetuate the genes of some of the most famous trees in America.

Acquire Appropriate Cuttings from the Redwood

Take several cuttings from a healthy California Redwood tree. Take enough to account for rooting failure and to allow you to choose a strong specimen. Take your cuttings from the node area of the tree, where two branches meet. Each cutting should be at least 6 inches long. Place them in lukewarm water immediately after you remove them from the mother tree.

Carefully Prepare Cuttings to Root

To root the cuttings, coat the cut end of the branches with a thin layer of rooting hormone; in this case, less is more. Gently place the cuttings in separate pots equipped with moist, nutrient-rich soil. Make sure the soil is moist enough to feed the cutting but not too wet. Wet soil actually detours root growth.

Care for the Cuttings after Rooting

Treat the cuttings with care. Shield them from harsh weather and keep their growing medium moist and full of nutrients. It will take at least one full year for the cutting to completely establish itself in its original pot; do not repot the tree for at least a year. After a year, repot the California Redwood in larger pots every year until it is large enough to survive on its own.