How to Propagate Oregano

Oregano is a delicious herb that can easily be grown in your own herb garden, giving you the freshest flavors to add to your meals. However, growing it from seeds can make them taste bad, and so the best way to grow oregano plants is to propagate them.

The method of propagation is where a plant is rooted from a cutting. Propagating plants is a great method of growing herbs. This process takes care and attention, but if done correctly, your plant can be a literal clone of the parent plant, thus establishing consistency in the oregano’s flavor.

Cut it Right

There’s a way to cut the stalk to promote healthy and effective propagation and that’s on a very slight diagonal angle, about 20 degrees. Doing this, you’ll prevent the cutting from dying before it has a chance to root. Make sure the structure of the stalk is intact; you don’t want to pinch it, which could also stop it from rooting.

Give the Cutting Food

Plant babies are just like human babies in that they need plenty of food when they’re little to grow big and strong. You can give your cutting fertilizer, as well as dipping the end in growth hormone before putting it in water or wet, fertilized cotton balls. Some people even put their cuttings in fertilized soil treated with growth hormone and mind them carefully, so as to give the plant an even further head start in the rooting process.

Whatever method you choose, propagating oregano is the best way to grow a great-tasting herb repeatedly.